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About Us

Founded in late November 2016, 3FILS is piloted by a team who live by a diehard daringness to be different, to offer a story akin to the ‘2 cents worth’ opinion of dining in Dubai’ with every bite. With harbour-side community style dining, 3FILS serves up premium Asian dishes with a Japanese twist as its focus.

For the many, we comfortably seat and feed over 100 people. The 3FILS team is a family, available whenever you need them for anything, removing the ‘personal waiter’ vibe of hospitality. They will help elevate your dining experience with a sense of comfort, discovery and sharing. No matter your attire, our home is your home and the doors will always be open for you.
meet the team
3Fils is a culinary innovator in Dubai, born from a vision to create a unique dining genre that blends Japanese precision with a relaxed, modern ambience. The philosophy of 3Fils is deeply rooted in the meticulous focus on technique and quality ingredients of Japanese cuisine, delivered in a casual, contemporary style.
Elemental cooking methods

Food Philosophy

Situated in the harbour, 3Fils is a destination restaurant, priding itself on quality that draws people to discover it. Despite Dubai’s geographical limitations, 3Fils thrives on sourcing quality ingredients, including from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market. Their food philosophy champions evolution and quality, maintaining a casual and cosy ambiance while focusing on the dining experience they offer.

Lastly, the diversity in the UAE influences their fusion cuisine, blending various cooking styles and ingredients, and adding to their distinct food philosophy.
Culinary Cultural Fusion

love story between Japan and the Middle East

Drawing inspiration from the cultural richness of Japan, 3Fils presents a mesmerizing culinary blend that tells a unique love story. This tale unfolds with each bite, introducing guests to the passion and devotion of the Japanese to their centuries-old culinary traditions. The passion is palpable, sparking an explosion of fusion restaurants and leaving an indelible mark on the culinary scene.

At 3Fils, we celebrate this love story by serving premium Asian dishes with a Japanese twist, all in a comfortable, community-style setting. Our menu, masterfully crafted by our team, affectionately known as ‘the umami warriors,’ merges the best of both worlds. The and The Wagyu Sando and the Otoro Nigiri are perfect examples, two dishes that beautifully marry the flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine.