The Chef’s Table – Kaiseki Ep.1

From: د.إ570.00

Indulge in the culinary excellence of 3Fils‘ new Chef’s Table experience. Led by Executive Chef Shun Shiroma and his team, this intimate dining affair offers eight courses with perfectly paired drinks.

With only eight seats available per session on Friday and Saturday nights at 6:00pm and 9:00pm, it’s a rare opportunity to savor the finest ingredients and techniques.

Priced at 570AED per person, this gastronomic journey promises an unforgettable and artful dining experience. Join us and embark on a remarkable culinary adventure at 3Fils’ Chef’s Table.

Furthermore, Kindly inform us about the dietary requirement/allergies that we need to be aware of (if any) as we will not be able to tailor the menu & if there will any special occasion that you want to celebrate with us.


Step into the world of culinary excellence with the new Chef’s Table experience at 3Fils, where gastronomic artistry meets culinary finesse. This exclusive dining affair is set to tantalize your taste buds, leaving you spellbound with a memorable and luxurious experience like no other.

Running on Friday and Saturday nights at 6:00pm and 9:00pm, the Chef’s Table is a carefully crafted culinary journey that takes place in an intimate setting, with only eight seats per session. You will be treated to an eight-course meal, each dish expertly paired with drinks that complement and enhance the flavors of the cuisine.

The ingredients used for the Chef’s Table are nothing short of extraordinary, sourced from the freshest and finest available, with each dish being prepared using innovative and expert techniques that elevate the culinary experience to the next level. The result is a dining experience that is both tantalizing and indulgent, with every dish presented as a work of art.

The Chef’s Table at 3Fils is priced at 570AED per person, but the experience is truly priceless. If you are looking for an unforgettable dining experience that will take your taste buds on a journey of a lifetime, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to savor the best of the best. Join us for a one-of-a-kind dining experience that you won’t forget!

Disclaimer: For the refund policy, if you cancel your reservation more than 2 days prior to your reservation, we will refund the entire amount; If you cancel your reservation within 48 hours of your reservation, it will be NON-REFUNDABLE.