Hokkaido Scallops

    AED 47.00

    Mandarin Orange, buckwheat

  2. Vimto


    AED 35.00

    Smoked creme fraiche ice cream, basil, Vimto ice

  3. Black Cod

    Black Cod

    AED 82.00

    Guajillo Chilli sauce, sesame, lime

  4. Tuna Nigiri 2pcs

    Tuna Nigiri 2pc

    AED 49.00

    Our Blue fin Tuna comes fresh from Tsukiji fish market, Japan

  5. tooth-fairy

    The toothfairy

    AED 32.00

    Saffron meringue, violet sour curd, blackberry

  6. Acquapanna

    AED 14.00

    Acquapanna (Small and Big)

  7. traditional-cheese-burger

    The traditional cheeseburger

    AED 22.00

    The traditional cheeseburger

  8. Spicy shrimp

    AED 22.00

    Wasabi, Garlic

  9. Charcoal fry

    AED 48.00

    Check for availability

  10. eddible-stones

    Edible stones

    AED 46.00

    Homage to Andoni Luis Aduritz

  11. Starsky-Jacket

    Starsky Jacket

    AED 21.00

    Starsky Jacket- fig syrup, olives, black currant vinegar

  12. berry-oily

    Berry Oily

    AED 19.00

    Acai berries and burnt cinnamon oil

  13. yellow-bird

    Yellow Bird

    AED 22.00

    Yellow Bir- Agave syrup, lime and passion fruit

  14. hi-5


    AED 22.00

    Hibiscus with 4 other ingredients

  15. forbidden-fruits

    Forbidden fruits

    AED 22.00

    Forbidden fruits – mixed berries, ginger ale

  16. Red Tea

    AED 15.00

    Red Tea

  17. Green Tea

    AED 15.00

    Green Tea

  18. Non Alcoholic beer

    AED 15.00

    Non Alcoholic beer

  19. Soft drinks

    AED 10.00

    Soft drinks

  20. San Pellegrino

    AED 15.00

    San Pellegrino (Small and Big)

  21. Karak Ice Cream- Butterscotch, black tea, cardamom

    Karak Ice Cream

    AED 48.00

    Karak Ice Cream- Butterscotch, black tea, cardamom

  22. African power house

    AED 33.00

    African power house – Ghana Dark chocolate, Madagascan vanilla ice cream

  23. RU-GYU


    AED 75.00

    Bone marrow sauce, horseradish

  24. dragon-


    AED 35.00

    Shrimp tempura, gochujang sauce, pickled onions

  25. beef-carpaccio

    Beef carpaccio

    AED 38.00

    Beef carpaccio, rocoto sour sauce, veal chorizo oil

  26. crispy-eel

    Crispy eel

    AED 33.00

    Tempura of eel and foie gras, yellow pepper

  27. Triple cooked

    AED 22.00

    Garlic mayonnaise and barbeque ketchup

  28. Salmon teriyaki, gochujang sauce, flying fish roe


    AED 32.00

    Salmon teriyaki, gochujang sauce, flying fish roe

  29. Spicy Tuna

    Spicy tuna

    AED 40.00

    Samjang Korean chilli paste, wasabi mayonnaise, furikake

  30. chicken-wings

    chicken wings

    AED 32.00

    Hot soy garlic glaze, togarashi

  31. yellow-tail

    Yellowtail torched

    AED 43.00

    Ginger dressing, sumac

  32. Duck-and-corn-waffle

    Duck and corn waffles

    AED 34.00

    Duck and corn waffles

  33. Indomie, yes Indomie


    AED 30.00

    Indomie, yes Indomie

  34. Acqua panna

    AED 23.00

    Acqua panna (Small and Big)

  35. beef tatre

    Spicy Beef tartare

    AED 36.00

    Spicy Beef Tartre-on toast with pickled lime skin.

  36. buttermilk-chicken-slider

    Buttermilk fried chicken

    AED 22.00

    Pickled cucumber, garlic sauce

  37. fremantle-octopus

    Fremantle octopus

    AED 50.00

    Potato and leek puree, gremolata

  38. lamb-ribs

    Lamb ribs

    AED 48.00

    Spiced barbeque marinate, sesame

  39. simple-salad

    Simple salad

    AED 26.00

    Simple salad of lettuce and seaweeds with rice vinegar